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Paw Patrol Stampers 12pk Deluxe Box

Paw Patrol Stampers 12pk Deluxe Box

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Product Introduction:
Super cute seal dolls with 12 different styles per box

  • There are many different shapes of stamp figures
  • The shape of some dolls has been changed according to the actual product in the box

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Product Information:
"PAW Patrol" (PAW Patrol) is a Canadian animated series for children. The content tells the story of a puppy patrol led by an enthusiastic, tech-savvy, and smart 11-year-old named Ryder. Stories of Bay Shore Cities.
Main characters: Ryder, Chase, Marshall, Skye, Rocky, Rubble, Zuma
In 2021, it released the movie "Paw Patrol: Great Contribution Movie Edition" (2021), and the game "Paw Patrol Patrol: Go to the Rescue" (2018)
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