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Kinetic Sand Sandwhirlz Playset with 3 Colors of Kinetic Sand (2lbs)

Kinetic Sand Sandwhirlz Playset with 3 Colors of Kinetic Sand (2lbs)

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DROP AND SQUISH: With red, yellow and blue colored sand, drop Kinetic Sand into 1 of 2 extruder tubes and gently squish it down with the plunger! Layer until you’re ready to make your sand transform!

MIX AND MATCH KINETIC SAND TOOLS: This Kinetic Sand kit has over 10 tools, including 2 extruders and 6 shape shifters with unique designs to customize your sand effects! Mix and match for endless play!

MESMERIZING TRANSFORMATIONS: Create surprise Sandwhirlz explosions! Push the extruder tube on top of the plunger and watch the sand magically flow out the top! If you need some help, just ask an adult!

Product Detail

Drop and squish Kinetic Sand, just like you’ve seen on social media! Play with the set’s red, blue and yellow Kinetic Sand to get it soft and flowy. Scoop it up, drop it into 1 of 2 extruder tubes and squish it down with the plunger. Layer your sand until the tube is full, then get ready to reveal your amazing sand transformation!

Fully customize your sand effects with over 10 tools! The Sandwhirlz Playset includes 2 different extruder tubes (starburst or cloud-shaped) and 6 shape shifter attachments, each with a different design for a unique sand effect! Mix and match the set’s extruder tubes, shape shifters and colors of sand for endless play!

Create your own mesmerizing sand explosions! Once you’re finished layering sand into the extruder tube, push it down on top of the plunger. As you push down, your sand magically flows out the top of the shape shifter in a really cool way! 

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