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Kinetic Sand Beach Sand Kingdom Playset with 3lbs of Beach Sand

Kinetic Sand Beach Sand Kingdom Playset with 3lbs of Beach Sand

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BRING HOME SAND FUN WITHOUT THE MESS: Kinetic Sand feels cool to the touch – just like wet beach sand, but never sticky! The play sand magically flows through your hands! It’s easy to clean, shape, mold!

3LBS OF BEACH SAND: Create sandcastles and sand art again and again! The packaging doubles as a play space! When you’re finished, pack everything away in the box until next time.

8 CASTLE-THEMED MOLDS AND TOOLS: The Beach Sand Kingdom has everything you need to create epic sandcastles! Use the molds to create walls, bridges, and towers. Use the 2 multi-use tools to cut, dig, and shovel!

Product Detail

The building possibilities are endless with 3 lbs. of Kinetic Sand. The package turns into an inviting beach-themed area for building your ultimate sandcastle. When you’re done, pack the Kinetic Sand, molds and tools inside until your next trip to the 'beach'!

The Beach Sand Kingdom playset comes with everything you need to build a custom sandcastle. Use the 6 castle-themed molds to sculpt bridges, turrets, and walls. You can even dig a moat surrounding your kingdom. The two double-sided tools are handy for scooping, shoveling and raking the Kinetic Sand. It’s also relaxing to mold the sand with your hands into freeform sculptures. Anything goes!

The Kinetic Sand Beach Sand Kingdom promotes language learning through play. Sandcastle building is not only buckets of fun but also encourages language through storytelling and pretend play. Dig, design and build again and again!

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