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Kinetic Sand Power Sand Vortex Surprise Set

Kinetic Sand Power Sand Vortex Surprise Set

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Product Introduction:
Kinetic Sand-Kinetic Sand Vortex Surprise Group
You can play together with the "Deluxe Rainbow Game Set"

  • A variety of play molds and tools
  • With four colors of power sand weight 907G
  • The manual vortex turntable can mix a variety of colors of power sand by itself to create a new color scheme
  • Colorful and fun for children

  • Imagination, creativity, hands-on ability, constructive logic
  • It is a child's nature to like to play with sand.
  • Do sand sculpture, sand painting, embossing mold, kneading shape, mold taking,
  • A variety of ways to play to enhance children's artistic talent,
  • Inspire children's unlimited potential, start playing with sand!

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