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Hatchimals Rainbow Road Camper

Hatchimals Rainbow Road Camper

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Product Introduction:

  • Each Rainbow-cation Hatchimals collection has its own unique look and theme inspired by their favorite holiday events. Discover nine new families, including wolf troopers, koala campers, llama florists, luau leopards, sparkling poodles, cat dancers, dog navigators, rare skater penguins, and super-rare unicorn hairdos Teacher - they are all cute.
  • This transforming Hatchimals camper has 17 surprises to discover, including six characters, five accessories, four furniture toys, a slide and multiple play areas. Inside the box you'll find a Hatchimals Mum to shed, three eggs to hatch and a sticker to decorate the interior of the vehicle. Crack open each Hatchimals egg to reveal four adorable poodle babies.
  • Open the door to find a little one, then fold up the camper to turn it into a festive playset for endless family fun. There's a pop-up bed at the top, perfect for napping; a kitchen area for Sparkling Poodles to cook up delicious meals; a slide and pool area, and more. The furniture even opens to reveal accessories hidden inside. With all of its exciting features, the Rainbow-Cation Camper is perfect for RPG storytelling.
  • When Sparkling Poodles are ready to hit the road, fold back the camper and roll on the work wheels to your next adventure. Collect over 60 new Rainbow Cat Hatchimals (each sold separately) to complete the collection of all nine Hatchimals.
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