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【Preorder】The Flash Movie│1989 Batmobile Michael Keaton Collector's Edition【Delivery at the end of May 2023】

【Preorder】The Flash Movie│1989 Batmobile Michael Keaton Collector's Edition【Delivery at the end of May 2023】

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Product Introduction:

You Wanna Get Nuts?! Let's get nuts!

[Delivery at the end of May 2023] The earliest receipt in the world! Buy early and enjoy early!
Product Features★ 2023 new limited edition "The Flash" movie merchandise★ Legendary re-enactment: Return to the 1989 Michael Keaton version of Batman era★ Undefeated Classic: The most classic Batmobile in the minds of collectors so far★ Excellent details: Front and rear LED lights, equipped with sound and light function, exhaust pipe spray effect, RC function

Commodities include ★ Motorized 360-degree rotating platform ★ Remote control stand ★ Batman operating room
★ Special Edition - 4-inch movable Michael Keaton version of Batman (Limited to Collector's Box)

Terms and Conditions
  1. This is a pre-order product, and it is expected to arrive in Hong Kong at the end of May 2023. After the arrival, it will be shipped and notified one after another.
  2. The release date of all pre-ordered products is provided by the original factory, and the release date of the product may be delayed or changed without prior notice.
  3. The deposit is the full amount.
  4. This product is not applicable to any discount codes, store and website discounts.
  5. There are no cancellations or refunds for pre-orders, and no amendments can be made once the order is confirmed.
  6. All incomplete orders or orders without uploaded payment records will be regarded as abandoned orders, and orders will be canceled without further notice.
  7. When ordering an item, please do not combine the order with other spot items to avoid delays in spot delivery.
  8. This item is available at Niche Base warehouse or Designated pick-up point - Shumiya pickup, please call to make an appointment .

  1. This product can only be shipped to Hong Kong area.

    A. Niche Base Warehouse

    Pickup address: Room B18, Tower 1, Victoria Harbor Centre, 1 Hok Cheung Street, Hung Hom

    Business hours: Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

    Contact number: 2564 8108

    B. Shumiya

    Pickup address: Shop 175, 1/F, Metro Plaza, Kwai Fong

    Opening hours: 11:00 am to 9:00 pm

    Contact number: 5107 1760

  2. If you fail to pick up the goods at the designated place within 30 days after receiving the pick-up notice, it will be regarded as an abandoned order, and all paid deposits or payments will not be refunded.
  3. If there is a chance that the quantity of goods will be in short supply, the company will make allocations based on the actual quantity of goods arriving and the order of customer orders.
  4. In the event of the following circumstances, the company will not make arrangements for replacement or refund:
    1. There are deviations in the color and appearance of the product;
    2. The packaging or outer box of the product is damaged due to transportation;
    3. The copyright or security label of the character is affixed on the product box;
    4. The specification, price, or delivery date of the product has changed.
  5. If the supplier is out of stock, the company will refund the full amount.
  6. The picture is for reference only, the actual product shall prevail.
  7. Once the order is submitted, it means that the customer has read and agreed to the terms and conditions.
  8. In case of any dispute, Niche Base reserves the right of final decision.
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