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Realistic design, perfect to complete each unique Monster Jam competition truck
Toy trucks can also perform realistic stunts and powerful rams

Monster Jam is a modified American culture, a pickup truck with huge tires and an engine.

It originated from the upsurge of pickup truck modification in the United States in the late 1970s. Among them, Bob Chandler, a tire dealer, created a prototype of a monster truck. At that time, he heard that the US military wanted to purchase a combat vehicle, provided that the power could be switched to the rear when the front axle broke. axle, so he came up with the 4X4 four-wheel drive concept. In 1979, Bob Chandler produced a pickup named "Bigfoot" designed with his concept.

Monster Jam lets you create your own epic stunts, just like a live show! Take control of our RC vehicles, go all out with our playsets, and collect all of our original trucks. Real toys, real action, Monster Jam!

Grave Digger RC Monster Jam Freestyle Power!

Now you can pull off epic Monster Jam two-wheeled stunts with the Freestyle Force! trick! Nose wheels! Donut! Just like a real gravedigger!

Monster Jam Megalodon Monster Wash!

Now you can take your Monster Jam Megalodon truck from dirty to clean and back again with the Monster Wash Playset!

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