Hatchimals迷你魔法寵物蛋 會孵化的魔法蛋?互動趣味 孕育屬於您的魔法寵物  | Niche Base

Hatchimals mini magic pet eggs hatch magic eggs? Interactive fun to breed your own magic pet | Niche Base

Hatchimals Mini Magic Pet Eggs 
A magic egg that hatches? Interactive and interesting upgrades, come and breed your magic pets!

Hatchimals mini magic pet eggs can fascinate little girls because of the unexpected sense of surprise! From stroking, tapping, and pressing the pet egg, until the magic pet breaks out of the shell, let the children feel the beauty of life and growth in the process! The new season of Hatchimals mini magic pet eggs is coming, and different hatching methods have been added. What kind of pets will be hatched?

Mini Magic Pet Egg Family Surprise Pack Single (Random Style)

  • Over 60 characters to collect including Bat Musician, Unicorn Hair Stylist, Raccoon Photographer, Cat Dancer, Lion Artist, Rare Rabbit Baker and Dog Pilot, and Super Rare Fox Beauty Star!
  • This pet egg can hatch a baby or twin babies.

Mini Magic Pet Egg Brotherhood Combo

  • Crack open the front of the reusable mini magic pet eggs to find the older siblings! Then open the back of the egg to find baby siblings, plus wing decorations and a play scene!

Mini Magical Pet Eggs Family Play Day Bundle

  • The pet egg hatches on both sides , knock open one side of the Hatchimals egg to find 2 characters, then the other side to reveal 2 more characters and an accessory!
  • Can be transformed into unique scenes , such as spa, movie theater, ice rink, ice cream parlor and so on.
  • Comes with three small children, a baby and two accessories.

Mini Magic Pet Egg Pet Family Kit

  • Each pet egg includes 2 parents, 1 child, 3 accessories and a small pet egg. If you are lucky, the egg may even hatch triplets!
  • There are 8 families of Hatchimals to collect , including a cat dancer, a lion artist, a raccoon photographer, a bat musician, a rare dog pilot, and a super rare fox beauty star!

Mini Magic Pet Egg Family Easter Egg Basket

  • Add 6 cute bunny bakers to your egg basket, each character is inspired by candy and comes with sweet and playful poses, little girls will like it! The egg basket is easy to carry when going out, and it is first-class in punching.

Mini Magic Pet Eggs Family Series Cat Dancer Family 12 Egg Boxes

  • Set features a family of adorable and playful cat dancers! The pet egg box not only comes with 10 cats, two game accessories, but also can transform into a prom party , let the kittens dance!

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