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Go Glam & Kumi Kreator Fun DIY Choice

Gayon in the same field: Cardinal cartoon puzzle easily trains concentration

Handmade DIY toys have always been popular among little girls. Little girls can use their imagination to create unique finished products! This time we introduce a variety of fun and functional DIY toys. Little girls can experience the fun of hand-made DIY, and at the same time, they can have fun with their parents and children. Let's do manicure together and weave all kinds of bracelets!

Go Glam Surprise Painted Nails

  • The set contains more than 40 kinds of manicures with unique effects: fragrance, anti-scratch, luminous, 3D nails, stickers, etc., bringing you endless surprises
  • Create different styles of nail art according to your mood, such as rock, cute, etc.

Cool Maker magical small sewing machine

  • Simple and easy to play, no pedals, bobbins and needles are needed, you can also sew key chains, roses, fashion pouches and other fabrics
  • Children cultivate creativity and patience in the design process, and easily make their own exclusive accessories

Kumi Kreator DIY String Maker

  • Add a spool, turn the handle, and you're ready to weave a bracelet or necklace in minutes
  • The suit is equipped with bracelets of different colors, allowing you to match and match freely, making friends and winning again, super sense of success

In addition to DIY toys, children can also try the popular Cardinal cartoon puzzles, which stimulate children's reasoning and thinking ability, improve hand-eye coordination and observation skills, and cultivate patience and concentration; with exquisite illustrations, children should not put it down!


lion king

Disney Princess

And many more Cardinal cartoon puzzles.

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