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Get into the Batman movie frenzy in town!
Must grab Figure, scene suit God restores the classic scene of the movie
RC Cars, Cosplay Sets playful choice

The long-awaited "Batman" has returned strongly , and many scene-stealing characters have been added to the movie. During the process, Batman confronted Catwoman, Penguin, Roman and Riddler. The city of Gotham brings light and justice!

The movie is ready to go, do you want to be the first to enter the adventure country with Batman? When the opportunity came, a group of popular characters jumped out of the big screen and turned into HIT movie-themed boutiques , including the Figure that reproduced the movie's famous figure, the playful movie detective play suit, the Batmobile suit, etc., the topic Full of sex, it is definitely a favorite for fans!

Figure series


Batman Movie 12" Action Figure

  • Sharp armor lines show strong and tough muscle lines
  • Equipped with 11 movable joints all over the body, it can flexibly reproduce the classic scenes in the movie


Batman Movie 4 Inch Figure

  • There are 3 styles of Batman, Catwoman and Penguin
  • The package comes with 3 kinds of accessories and mystery cards: Equip a group of movie characters with blasters, whips, etc., and unlock the mystery cards to perform tasks


Batman Movie 12" Featured Action Figure

  • Press the belt to activate the wings
  • 11 movable joints in the whole body, easy to pose a variety of stylish poses
  • Press the chest to unleash lights and sounds; comes with 15 phrases and sounds for fun
Cosplay Series


Batman Movie Reconnaissance Play Set

  • Equipped with Batman mask and utility belt, evidence bag, clue card, red detective glasses and magnifying glass, let children become superheroes instantly


batman movie gloves

  • Equipped with 6 blaster accessories and adjustable straps, put on the Batman gloves and protect Gotham City

Remote control car series


Batman Movie 1:20 Remote Control Batmobile

  • Omnidirectional RC Batmobile
  • 2.4GHZ remote control range about 80 meters


Batman Movie High Speed ​​Remote Control Batmobile

  • Authentic to the movie, this RC vehicle features a glowing engine and turbo-boosting speed for awe-inspiring look
  • High-efficiency remote control: use 2.4GHz dual joystick controller


batman movie bat remote control motorcycle

  • High-performance motorcycles, equipped with realistic headlights and fixed Batman dolls, we sincerely invite everyone to go deep into Gotham City to find out the truth with Batman

Other set series


batman movie scene set

  • Recreate the movie scene of Batman's battle with Penguin in the center of Batman's action
  • Equipped with Batman and Penguin with flexible limb joints, the battle is imminent


Batman Movie Theme Batmobile

  • Equipped with LED engine light
  • Press the engine to emit more than 15 engine sounds, just like being in a Batman movie
  • Set also includes 4-inch Batman figure with 11 articulations for easy poses


batman movie batmobile

  • Retaining the colors of the film, detailed bodywork brings the Batmobile to life
  • The set includes Batman 12-inch action figure and 12-inch Batmobile, let Batman drive the chariot to protect the safety of Gotham City

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