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Paw Patrol Paw Patrol makes great contribution to the popular cartoon industry 

In the new season "Dragon Knight" a variety of fun toys are coming

"Paw Patrol: Great Contributions" describes the protagonist Ryder rescuing six paparazzi and training them to become a powerful patrol team. The story is full of exciting and adventurous elements, and at the same time there is no shortage of hilarious and relaxing plots. It has been popular among children since it was broadcast for many years. This season's theme "Dragon Knight" adds a refreshing medieval look to the members of the Zhu Wang team. In order to resist the attack of the dragon, the Wang Wang team will try their best to defend the castle this time!

Dragon Knight Rescue Dog Theme Vehicle (6062181)

  • The theme car is exquisitely designed, equipped with fire trucks, rescue vehicles and other shapes, and perfectly restores the dragon pattern and details. Children will definitely love it when they see it.
  • Immediately bring all the Paw Squad members and their dragon friends home for a different adventure.

Dragon Knight Rescue Dragon Knight Set (6062105)

  • The set comes with Claw the dog character.
  • Claw rides the super winged dragon and clips the claws to the saddle, holds the dragon by the tail and squeezes the button to swing the super wings for exciting rescue missions.

Dragon Knight Rescue Figure Gift Box (6062122)

  • Set includes main character Ryder, 4 Paw Squad members and 3 miniature dragon figures.
  • Each pup is adorable in its Dragon Knight armor uniform, helmet, and badge.
  • It can be played with the Dragon Knight Rescue Castle scene group to relive the animation scene.

Dragon Knight Rescue Castle Scene Set (6062103)

  • The set comes with 8 small accessories such as treasure chests, ladders and more.
  • Explore the castle with the members of the Pao Wang team and discover the hidden mechanism on the top of the tower; carefully investigate the room, it turns out that Chase is hiding in the library!

Dragon Knight Rescue Dog Hero Set (6063149)

  • Each paw team member is equipped with an exclusive flying dragon, and there is a button on the tail to flap its wings.
  • There is a fixing device on the back of the flying dragon, which is convenient for carrying the members of the Wang Wang team to carry out rescue missions everywhere.

Dragon Knight Rescue Mini Figure Blind Box (6062143)

  • Blind box design, each box has a small castle, which can produce a 2-inch high paw team member doll. Children who like Wang Wang team must collect it!

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