The strongest and most domineering anti-hero "Black Adam" | Niche Base | Character Figures, scene suits are the first to debut God restores the classic scenes of the movie

The strongest and most domineering anti-hero "Black Adam"

Character Figures and scene suits debuted first God restores the classic scene of the movie

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The strongest and most domineering anti-hero story - "Black Adam" will shock the big screen on October 20th. Black Adam, endowed with supernatural powers, was born in anger, and confronted Hawkman, Dr. Destiny and other members of the Justice Society head-on!

The movie is ready to go, and all the characters jump out of the big screen and transform into HIT movie-themed boutiques, including the Figure series that highly restores the character modeling, battleships, and fun role-playing suits. They are definitely heroes. A fan favorite!

Figure series


Black Adam 12" Action Figure

  • Gathering the core characters of the movie: Black Adam, Hawkman, Dr. Fate, Atom Smasher, Cyclone
  • The details of the full-body battle suit are very delicate , such as Dr. Fate's painting, which highly restores the blue-gold battle suit and the iconic magic helmet
  • A series of 12-inch Figures are equipped with 11 movable joints to flexibly reproduce classic scenes in movies


Black Adam 12" Signature Figure

  • Grab Black Adam's legs for a powerful punch
  • With 15 kinds of sound effects, the logo on the chest can be illuminated . After installing the golden translucent accessories, it is even more domineering


Black Adam 4" Figure

  • Equipped with movable joints in 11 parts of the whole body, it is easy to pose multiple dynamic poses
  • Each character is equipped with 3 detachable accessories , and the accessories are stuck in the character's hand to continue the charm of the character in the movie and experience a different playing experience


Black Adam 2" Figure Set

  • The set includes 5 core characters, exclusive bases, and classic poses in the movie, recreating the head-to-head confrontation between Black Adam and members of the Justice Society
  • The size of the palm, it can be placed in the office as a first-class decoration


Black Adam 6" Figure

  • Highly restore the spirit of the character in the movie, the black and gold paint can highlight the tough muscle lines of the whole body, plus 3 movable joints and shawls , exuding a murderous aura that destroys the world

Cosplay Series


Black Adam Deluxe Play Set

  • Transform into a cool superhero! The cloak has adjustable shoulder straps, and the armor is equipped with 10 sound effects and can be illuminated. It is the perfect choice for children to hold parties and add costumes for Halloween


Black Adam Cosplay Set

  • A hero-style starter set, a high CP value choice for parties

Other set series



Black Adam 4" Figure and Battleship

  • The battleship can be opened to allow Black Adam to command from the cockpit, recreating the movie scene
  • The set comes with 4-inch Black Adam and Hawkman figures

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