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It is not surprising that people who have not watched DC COMICS are unfamiliar with the term FLASH POINT (flash point), but you will often see this word soon, because the upcoming DCU movie "THE FLASH" in June is based on FLASH POINT – One of the major events in the DC world, as the theme of this movie. A brief explanation of FLASH POINT: It is THE FLASH who accidentally discovered that his speed force can go back to the past/future, so he missed his mother (the mother died unexpectedly but the case was not solved), and made a "wrong" decision. The Speed ​​Force travels back in time hoping to change the fate of his mother's death. However, when he went back to the past, he found that this world was quite different from what he knew. It turned out that this was another "parallel world", or "history will change", which made the whole world fall... When he was going to seek help from the BATMAN in this world, it turned out to be the MICHAEL KEATON (Michael Keaton) version, not the BEN AFFLECK version! !

In fact, the first trailer of the film was released a few months ago. When MICHAEL KEATON's version of BATMAN appeared, everyone was very surprised. Not only was it a childhood memory, but more importantly, the BATMAN he played was more faithful to the comic style. And in the latest trailer released these days, BATMAN’s most classic BATMOBILE appeared again. Of course, fans are crazy about it, and I didn’t expect that FLASH POINT would have an impact in the real world, because I received information today, this BATMOBILE will A commemorative edition will be launched again, and there will be a MICHAEL KEATON version of BATMAN!

To be honest, today's technology has made this kind of commemorative edition much better than that of the past in terms of detail, fidelity, and flexibility. On the contrary, it has attracted more fans' attention to the "cost-effective" in disguise. This time, NICHE BASE has been officially authorized to produce, and it has considered all the above aspects: BATMOBILE's exhaust pipe can "spray smoke", and the cockpit can be disassembled. sound", there is an "electric rotary table" with the car, and this BATMOBILE is a "remote control car"! Of course, the car lights and MICHAEL KEATON are not included in the details. The most interesting thing to see here is definitely the price...I believe everyone will be shocked when they see it, but it’s not because they are afraid that they won’t be able to buy it for collection. Because the price is HK$1,999!

The public sale will start at the end of May. If you are afraid of not being able to buy the public sale, you can pre-order it: https://bit.ly/3Ay7r9p
Order ends May 21st!
Finally, remember to watch the official trailer of THE FLASH several times!

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Date of report: 2023.04.27
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