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"Paw Patrol: Great Contributions" describes the protagonist Ryder rescuing six paparazzi and training them to become a powerful patrol team. The story is full of exciting and adventurous elements, and at the same time there is no shortage of hilarious and relaxing plots. It has been popular among children since it was broadcast for many years. The new season of the "Big truck" series is coming, and children who like Pao Wang team should not miss it!

Hong Kong 01 Parent-child gift|Hot cartoon Paw Patrol makes a great contribution ─ 1:55 alloy car | Hong Kong people

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The Paw Team Makes Great Contributions─ Theme Vehicles

The themed cars are exquisitely designed, equipped with fire trucks, rescue vehicles, etc.; each themed car comes with members of the Paw Pao team, and the cockpit can be opened to carry dogs. Immediately bring all Paw Team members home for a different adventure.

Paw Team Makes Great Contributions - Theme Vehicles The theme cars are exquisitely designed, with fire trucks, rescue vehicles, etc.;

Pao team made a great contribution ─ dog hero group

A collection of characters, equipped with rich accessories. The car can become a dog backpack; press the character badge to eject it, full of fun.

Paw Patrol Makes Great Contributions ─ Dog Hero Team Original Website: 01 Parent-child Gifts |

The Pao Team made a great contribution─Xiaoli X-Treme Truck

The brand-new small gravel super large truck, the sound and light effect can be turned on by pressing the button on the front of the truck. The front of the truck and the container adopt a 2-in-1 design, which can be disassembled and transformed into a game scene.

Paw Patrol Makes Great Contributions ─ Xiaoli X-Treme Truck Original Website: 01 Parent-child Gift|Hot Cartoon Paw Patrol Paw Patrol Makes Great Contributions ─ 1:55 Alloy Truck | Hong Kong 01

The Pao team made great contributions─Scenes of highway rescue missions

With a total length of over 90cm, it can park 6 themed character vehicles. The scene can be deformed and easily turned into a storage mode that does not take up space.

The middle runway is a special lane for mission departure, and the large truck can be pushed out by pulling down the handle.

The top of the control room is equipped with a sound and light badge, pressing the button will play music and make the badge glow.

There are gas stations and car washes on both sides, allowing children to fully integrate into the cartoon.

Paw Patrol's Great Contribution ─ Highway Rescue Mission Scene Original Website: 01 Parent-child Gift|Hot Cartoon Paw Patrol Paw Patrol's Great Contribution ─ 1:55 Alloy Car

Great Contribution to the Pao Team─ Mini Figure Blind Box

Blind box design, each box has a small truck, which can drive out a doll of a member of the Pao Pao team. Children who like Wang Wang team must collect it!

Paw Patrol Makes Great Contributions ─ Mini Figure Blind Box

Wang Wang team made a great contribution─ 1:55 alloy car

Create exclusive vehicles such as fire trucks, police cars, etc. according to the characteristics of the characters. Take your Paw Squad members on exciting rescue missions now.

Paw Patrol makes great contribution ─ 1:55 alloy car

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