[Media Sharing] #开库信息 Causeway Bay Toys Opening Power is reduced to 40% off, the lowest price is $20, and there is a deal

[Shopping] Another toy warehouse is open! Niche Base in Causeway Bay will hold a warehouse opening at SOGO in Causeway Bay from now until March 7th. A variety of popular toy boutiques have unprecedented discounts, some of which are as low as 40% off, and the lowest price is $20. There are deals, and the purchase of $400 will give you a popular Paw Patrol boutique , Waiting for everyone to save their purses and buy high-CP-value toy boutiques at super discounted prices! A variety of toy brands have slashed prices, including "Paw Patrol" and "Blippi" which are popular among children; "Batman" and "SHAZAM" which are popular hero movies recently; "Hatchimals" which is loved by little girls; and "COOL Marker DIY Gadgets", "Kinetic Sand", "Cardinal Puzzles and Game Chess", which are both educational and interesting, I believe there is always one that suits your liking! Niche Base toy opening limited store promotion period: from now until March 7th Address: Toys Department on the 7th floor of SOGO Department Store, Causeway Bay, near the escalator #nichebasekids #DC #batman #flash #shazam #家庭乐#妈子#superman #catwoman # Discharge#此子游#开壁#减价#结数#jetso #jetsotoday #香港留数# Discount information/Photo source: Jetso Today/Niche Base Kids

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Date of report: 2023-02-26
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