[Media Sharing] Causeway Bay SOGO Toys Opening Price is as low as 40% off! The lowest price is $20 to buy Disney Princess Puzzles/Batman/DC Heroes Dolls

The popular toy dealer Niche Base is holding a big sale on toys. From now until March 7, Niche Base will hold a store opening discount at SOGO in Causeway Bay. You can buy it for as low as $20. If you are interested, you can see if you like it!

Niche Base will hold a toy store opening discount from now until March 7th. A variety of popular toys have rare price reductions, including the super popular Marvel toys, mobile game character blind boxes, and some toys can be purchased as low as 40% off , and if you buy the specified amount, you will get a super cute boutique!

Here are some popular bestsellers:

Featured Disney Princess Cartoon Puzzles

Price: $20

30% off on Among Us, Brawl Stars, GangBeasts Toys

40% Off Paw Patrol Toys

【Niche Base Toys Limited Store Opening】

Date: From now until March 7

Venue: Toys Department, 7/F, Sogo Department Store, Causeway Bay
👉Original URL: Hong Kong Life
Date of report: 2023.02.24
Acknowledgment: U Port Life | Text: Liu Jitong

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